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• >r2d2 is just a chick in a hoodie and not a garbage can with tits
• oh, they had costumes! as if...
• pClPMC http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7kjQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5 iNG.com
• A few months
• A jiffy bag
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• dhgfhf
• My dog eats shit
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• Okay, now that I've listened to it, I have to tell you I rlelay don't enjoy this and the last podcast with the new 90 minute format. I don't know if it's coincidence because both podcasts went heavily over TV and movies (and I don't share your taste in those things), or if the format or technical difficulties are messing with you. Either way, it doesn't feel like you guys are having fun with the podcast, you're trying to get to each topic, talk about it as quickly as possible, then move on. I don't think there were even any moments where any of you guys rlelay laughed out loud. I'll keep listening, hopefully I'll enjoy the next one better
• hi well i know i watched these epesdois and one thing not mentioned is the unique and sad version of Sarah's theme as its called LONDON bridge when Sarah is angry even though you don't see her a very ANGRY version is played when she is happy they play a faster JOYFUL version but in these scenes when David has this feeling of impending doom f0r Burke a very sad version plays even Carolyn hears the music it upsets her..she seems to hear' the message in it interesting i think..One other thing is the people who created the Face Book JONATHAN FRID FANS still miss him very sad..and it is very sad..he was ONE of a kind ..DS is one of a kind..I listened again to the FATE of the characters which starts with Jonathan Frid reading Shakespeare OUR REVELS now are ended a very fitting epitaph for DS its written by SAM HALL .which i think is interesting..its all days gone by..now most of the soaps on ABC are now GONE ..only one remains I saw DS from the start..and ONE LIFE TO LIVE from the start and I think saw MOST of AMC
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• whats this from?
• I dont know.
• Don't know what it's called but I remember that the girl is a zombie
• Sankarea: Undying Love, (use google, you bakas)
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• I'm sorry to hear you are having truoble. Did you ever download our version 1 release of episode 15? If you haven't, could you do so and let me know if it has the same problem as 15v2 and 16? I did something different with the latter two and am wondering if that is what is causing the problem.Thanks,~Musou_Mitai
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• Normally, WordPress saves static resiezd images at upload time. On the stand-alone install, is it automatically creating those when you import? (images in the upload folder with names like someimage-640 480.jpg )You should already know what image sizes are being used on the wordpress.com side, so doing a search+replace in the .WXR file shouldn't be too difficult. Replace things like .jpg?w=768 with -768 1024.jpg', right? Maybe it's more complex than that, but we'd need more details if so. http://dgubbjk.com [url=http://noihiqbfhr.com]noihiqbfhr[/u rl] [link=http://fivxfebqe.com]fivxfebqe[/li nk]
• EauP2W http://www.FyLitCl7Pf7ojQdDUOLQOuaxTXbj5 iNG.com
• EjjATb http://www.y7YwKx7Pm6OnyJvolbcwrWdoEnRF2 9pb.com
• iHd6LB http://www.y7YwKx7Pm6OnyJvolbcwrWdoEnRF2 9pb.com
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• I've seen bigger.
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• I definitely don't do caghne well...but after these last couple of years I might FINALLY be getting the picture, haha. Change is just as much a part of life as things that linger on slow and steady if that makes any sense. It is just inevitable. But what we do with it, why now that's a different story huh? Enjoy your long week-end Debbie!HUGS
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• mkvtoolnix is made for Linux/Windows users. There is a Mac version but not by the pesorn who made mkvtoolnix. I can't find a 4.0 Mac version. It doesn't sound like install this, open and go in nice easy steps (to me anyway).Thank-you for the MPlayer OSX Extended suggestion. Glad to know there's a newer version.
• I've gone the route of writing down a lot of selalmr goals. I know I probably won't get all 13 of them, but if I can get close to half then I'll be happy! They're things like being able to do a specific yoga pose (that I'm close to but just need to practice more!), learning to make more fancy cocktails at home, and buying quality over quantity! Looking forward to a great new year! http://wfdbinieums.com [url=http://dddonkk.com]dddonkk[/url] [link=http://tmutrl.com]tmutrl[/link]
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• Very cute!
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