server - Information about this server.
sketch - Draw and swap sketches with people.
calendar recycling - Old calendars become valid again.
triangles - A bunch of triangles follow each other
robot arm - A robot arm that likes to keep things neat.
steal - You can move balls around to make shapes, and so can everyone else.
swatch - A tool to coordinate time with people across the internet.
files - Send me a file, and look at all the crap other people have sent me.
mario - Where is Mario?
files2 - Upload a file to receive comments from anonymous users.
bring - Click on the springy doorstop relive your childhood memories.
endurance - A very simple and slow-paced multiplayer game
textfield - A synchronized text field
wrong title - A random picture and title are put together. Sometimes they match up in a hilarious manner.
bring - An updated version of the springy doorstop.
nsfwpeek - A utility for "peeking" at NSFW images. Now has a Chrome extension.
conspiracy - A tool for finding coincidences similar to anagrams
floodmaze - Flood a maze with colors
sliders - NEW! A game where you try to clear each screen with one move

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