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Dick dick dick
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quick advise:
1- don't sit things on the horizon line
2- try different heights, don't line up everything
3- things look bigger when they're closer
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quick advise:1-don't draw things as flat objects, instead give them depth 2- most landscapes will have some sort of ojects in the distance 3- Show lines coming out of the sun to emanate light.
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Quick advise:
1- Try putting things on a little hill to the distance, gives it character.
2- Keep it simple, fast visual recognition and simple shapes add to the charm.
3- Don't be afraid to try things. Some fast strokes can stand for birds as easily as for grass, or let you wondering: "Are those clouds?"

And remember: there are no mistakes, only happy accidents!
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If the sun appears in you picture,be consistent about light and shadow. Never draw black rays coming out of it, light should be light.

Avoid drawing _symbols_, draw things the way they look, not how you think they are. Use references if necessary, and build you mental image library.

Don't focus on drawing every detail, the bigger picture is more important.

Try to tell a story to yourself about what you are drawing, give the image some meaning.
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i dwa haus
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why not
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