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Did you fucking get it?
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"This video is not available"

Captcha wouldn't solve anything, you see they actually take the time to draw for each post. It's not a spam-bot, it's some autistic asshole spamming by hand.

(Besides captcha would have made my own "good-intended spamming" practically impossible :/)
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They might be using some kind of automated program to post pre-drawn shit..though that would mean it was made just for this site.
Garyc will probably never hire a mod since this is just an oekaki with no features. Ah well.

And the video was Particle Man by TMBG.
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should i kill it with triangles again? (in lack of fire, triangles are far easier :P)
the bad part is bumping ok threads (they get too much noise and it's manual work)

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